Latina American Marriage Traditions

If you’re planning your wedding day, you probably know that every tradition has its own practices, from catching the bouquet for the traditional bridesmaid matching dresses. And while there are dissimilarities among each country’s customs, various of those traditions are very similar. Adding a few of these exclusive Latin American wedding traditions to your special day can make it that much more unforgettable and important for you and your guests.

One of the most essential pre-marriage ceremonies in Latin America is the Vinculo ceremony, which involves a white cable that represents the couple’s union. The bride or perhaps groom typically wears this strand around their necks during the service, and it is also often exhibited in the couple’s home after the wedding ceremony as a reminder of their vows.

It’s also common for Latina Americans to choose a wedding mentor or godparent to help direct them through their marital life. These individuals are usually spiritually significant to the couple, and they may declare a plea or examine a scripture passage during the wedding ceremony. They can also help with the budget, as they are sometimes responsible for paying for the couple’s wedding party expenses.

Another pre-marriage marriage ceremony is the aval ceremony, which includes 13 gold coins that represent Christ and his doze apostles. These kinds of coins happen to be blessed by a priest and given to the bride as a sign within the groom’s promise to look after and support his partner. The couple also places the loose change in a locket necklace, a special keepsake they be dressed in as a the wife and hubby.

When the ceremony is finished, it’s a time to celebrate! Typically, guests chuck rice or bird seed at the newlyweds as they exit the venue, symbolizing fertility and good luck. Currently, more and more couples are choosing to ditch the rice or bird seeds and change it with fanfare or went up by petals. And while it might appear a bit chaotic, this is part and parcel of la hora loca!

Following the party is over, it’s not really uncommon for the newest couple being escorted back in their house with a group of members of the family and close friends. This is the best way for them to start out their all-natural lives mainly because husband and wife within a secure environment.

It’s also not unusual for a few to get pre-marital counseling sessions prior to their wedding ceremony. This helps guarantee that they are on the same page regarding their particular values and expected values for their marital relationship. These times can also make them work through any issues that they may experience.


Whether you integrate these different Latin American wedding practices into your wedding, you need to remember that you should always adopt your center and keep your personal interests at heart when making decisions for your big event. By doing this, you will find a day that may be as exceptional and memorable as is feasible!