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2013 «season in together2night review» article

Nate asks:



This really is a bit haphazard, but could you are doing a blog post on astrology? Recently i
already been interested in just how precise zodiac signs is and the possibility
of it revealing how suitable you are with certain personality types.
Clearly there’s going to be some exclusions, but from everything I’ve noticed
they are usually lifeless on. It would be fascinating to see how well they
correlate or if perhaps they simply create some strange prejudices.

I have seen you mention it in some of the articles and just planned to see
your own take on it.



Yes – astrology. Some thing just about everyone has a powerful opinion
about some way; it is wonderful, or it’s waste.

Yet, nevertheless you feel about astrology, really a


small topic
in-and-of it self…

and it’s one
that’s rather awful interesting to many in the ladies might fulfill, as well


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